This program is for you if

You don't like yourself in a mirror and absolutely can't watch your videos

You feel like you miss harmony, balance and speed in your dance

You need a system and Mentor that supports you in your trainings

You want to be beloved and always invited at the parties

You need to understand movements before you do them

You realized that learning routines doesn't help that much

What is it?

A program which clarifies and structures your salsa dance. It has 6 blocks:

  • Weight transition
  • Coordination
  • Spinning
  • Body Movement
  • Leading and following
  • Grooves

Overall more than 50 videos with insights and game changing tips in your account on the platform

How does it work?

Each block contains 3 types of materials:

  1. Lessons. There you will GET the PRINCIPLES and clarity of HOW does it work
  2. Drills. Short workouts that help you to AUTOMATIZE the crucial skills with fun and ease
  3. Routines. Basic level - to CONNECT what you've learned. Intermediate level - more complicated stuff. And an advanced musical choreo - to sweat and ROCK!

Your results after 2 months

The techniques give your movement BEAUTY and EASE

You become at least TWICE LIGHTER in leading/following staying responsive

You become noticeable for ADVANCED dancers as they see the techniques

You SAVE TIME because you get specific and clear instructions

You FREE your mind for interacting with partners and therefore get more invitations

You get UNDERSTANDING and STRUCTURE for future development

Working process

We add you to the platform and make our own private chat

All the lessons are opened for you during the time fo your training. I am always in touch, giving you feedback on each video you send

Social dance analysis

Before we begin, you get a full analysis of your social dance video with the further instructions and a training plan.

Private live call

You will also have live call/s with me where you'll get instant corrections of all your mistakes

Before you apply, please contact me personally here, so that we can adjust our schedules

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