I hold a degree in Psychology

from St. Petersburg State University. My senior thesis investigated the awareness of movement as a success factor for dance teachers 

I've guided more than 500 people through online programs in 2 years

People say they get hooked on my marathons and have withdrawal symptoms after :)

I published a book

Parts of my system and process have been assembled and published as a book:

How to: Learning to Dance as an Adult (Russian only, for now)

I also train dance teachers

I have developed a specialized program for up leveling instructors. It’s a ten hour course that’s usually taught at school retreats

My superpower as analysis and structure

Whatever you train with me, you know for sure what, when, how to do and what is the result you will achieve. All clear and precise

Dance instruction is my labor of love

I have been honored to teach in over twenty cities in Russia, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Kazakhstan and other countries

I've been dancing since I was 3

I started dancing ballroom shortly after learning to walk, studied Flamenco in my teens, and have been teaching for over a decade

I am six-time Salsa Night Awards recipient 

Notable Teacher Debut (Moscow, 2014)

Notable Miss Salsa Debut (Moscow, 2014)

Teacher of the Year (Moscow, 2016)

Miss Salsa (Moscow, 2016)

Teacher of the Year (Moscow, 2017)

School of the Year (Moscow, 2018)

I created a podcast for Salsa addicts

Its called Salsa Cheat Codes. A treasury with my knowledge and experience in your ears every day

Student's Reviews

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