What's this?

During the Marathons I noticed many followers have not correctly learned the basic figures of salsa on2 and do not have any structure in mind. While it is okay to be content and happy with that, I believe that understanding of the technique and the structure will lead to greater joy and pleasure in dance. Should you share the same philosophy, then this course is for you 🙂

What is it good for?


These 25 figures will give you clarity and understanding of the way salsa works. You will clearly see the way - from elementary figures to advanced, and master this dance.

Improvement in following

I believe that a superb follower is always aware of what kind of figure is happening, whether it is conscious or not. If you know where to step and what is happening, you can make your following lighter and more responsive.

Less stress

If you know the figures, then the following becomes an interesting game rather than a sequence of undefined moves that come out of nowhere. You will be able to predict the moves and react faster. And you will definitely feel more joy with each dance!


I made brief explanations of the figures. Just the essentials you need. There is an example of the way each figure looks like in reality at the end of every video.

How to work with this course?

I believe that it is very good for the followers to be aware of what are they doing but following-wise pretend that it is a surprise :) (Like many ladies do it in real life :))

You know that it was a reverse copa and now it is going to be an inside turn and probably check - but you listen to your partner carefully, pretending that it is new for you :) This way of dancing gives you the confidence and ability to react on leading better.

Step 1

Learn a figure and try to realize when do you do it in your dancing. In the best case you train with the partner and tell him the name every time when he does this move. If you do not have a partner check your videos and try see this figure there

Step 2

Dance it at least 20 times with different music - from slow to fast

Step 3

Follower's steps stay the same but the arms will always change. Ask your partner to complicate the figures with the different arms positions and try to name the moves

Step 4

Write the figure's names down on sheets of papers

Step 5

Make combinations from 3 to 5 figures and try to dance them without a basic step. You will see that some combinations will be very hard to execute! But if you want to be a light and responsive follower you have to be able to do that. Try with slow and fast songs

Step 6

To make sure that you have mastered this course completely try to do the same thing that I do in the very last video. Dance all the figures one after another. You will see how your awareness in the dance will increase! And It will give much benefit for your following improvement!

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All the figures in one video

That's the last video of the course. You can see all the figures here